Maximus Headline Open Day in The UK With New MXJ-1100G Jaw Crusher

The Future is Bright & The Future is Red #MAXIMUS

In October 2017 we Maximus Crushing & Screening hosted an open day with and a specially selected audience were invited to the UK open day held in North East London. Over 70 people attended the open day and live demonstration at Camden Environmental’s 25acre site located in North East London. They all came to explore the Maximus range and get up close and personal with the new MXJ-1100G Jaw Crusher, the star of the show.



We’re delighted to have the new Maximus MXJ-1100G Jaw Crusher here today as we believe that this machine is a game changer for the crushing and screening industry. It features a Cummins 6.7 engine connected to a specially designed gearbox that delivers direct drive to the crusher, and takes 97% power from the engine. A traditional hydrostatic system would only give around 74% power, meaning that we gain around 24% more power on this crusher.

This direct drive system allows us to drive the crusher in forward and reverse and features an anti-blocking system which is especially useful when you are crushing tarmac, as the operator can quickly ‘joggle’ the crusher to clear the jaw box of any blockage. This ‘joggling’ means that the jaw box can be moved forward and backwards instantly and very quickly to unblock it. This new MXJ-1100G Jaw Crusher also runs on around half the fuel compared to a standard hydraulic system, using around 18litres of fuel per hour, so this is a huge saving for the operator.

The jaw box features an automatic hydraulic release system which means that if any un-crushable material enters, it won’t damage the jaw box, as once a certain pressure is reached the hydraulic rams will open the jaw and ‘dump’ all the material out of the bottom. The system then resets itself to the correct Close Side Setting (CSS). The system also monitors the wear of the jaw plates, so when very abrasive material is used, the system is capable of resetting itself every 20hrs, meaning that the jaw plates will touch and then open back out to the correct CSS. On this model we also offer an optional pre-screen allowing customers to take out a rough sellable product.

Shane O'Neill the Managing Director of Maximus Crushing & Screening standing along side the Star of the show

Shane O’Neill the Managing Director of Maximus Crushing & Screening standing along side the Star of the show the MXJ-1100G Jaw Crusher


Others Machines included the 522T Sizing Screen, MXC-1000 Cone Crusher, 409 Scalping Screen, 512 Scalping Screen, 516 Scalping Screen and T80-48 Conveyor. With a working demo area running live every hour for visitors to enjoy, we had the MXJ-1100 Hydrostatic Jaw Crusher and a 516 Scalping Screen working. Providing satisfactory work for new customers.

open day

Iain Herity, Sales Director for the UK was keen to say “We’ve been delighted with the quality of customers who attended our very first customer open day and the feedback has been phenomenal right across our Maximus line-up. I’d also like to thank Mick Mariner from Camden Environmental for the use of his site here in London, it has been a perfect setting for a very successful event.” Iain Herity has also opened a new site, located at 1 Kitsmead Ln, Longcross, Lyne, Chertsey KT16 0EF.

Hubert Watson, Global Sales & Marketing Director had some more exciting news “As part of our global brand promotion we’ve now teamed up with the Discovery Channel and GOLD RUSH. The Hoffman crew will be using a Maximus TFC-80 Swivel conveyor in the new series 8 of the show. We wish them well in finding lots of gold!”


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